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Top Cloud Server Providers 2018

When looking for the best cloud server providers for 2018, you should consider not only price vs price but also take into consideration what you get for the price to make sure you are receiving the absolute best product, best support and best value for your money.

Consider the fact that shared VPS and dedicated server hosting plans typically rely on one physical server for all features and functionality, while cloud hosting servers give you unlimited number of servers all working together as one unified hosting system.  This gives you unlimited storage space and computing power and the ability to grow as your needs increase.

Cloud servers offer a hosting environment that gives you a higher level of functionality and scalability.  This system allows us to add or remove memory, processors and/or storage allowing us to bill you only for the resources you use.

Sozo Hosting  has reviewed many of the big hosting providers out there who offer Cloud server hosting plans and have looked at which features, level of support and reliability are offered and for what price and created six competitive cloud server price plans that put us as one of the top cloud server providers for 2018.

We offer cloud hosting for the three major platforms; Linux Cloud Hosting, Windows Cloud Hosting and Coldfusion Cloud Hosting.

Here are some of the key cloud server features that you need to consider when pricing out cloud hosting plans:

  1. Does your cloud hosting provider offer a Control Panel for important features such as email tools, webmail, website tools, DNS and more?
  2. Is your cloud server set up with automated / regular system backups to ensure the safety of your data without any loss?
  3. Tech support must be provided 24/7 and the staff must be knowledgeable, quick to respond and yet friendly. Our response time is typically within 30 minutes!
  4. High Availability Infrastructure – With redundancy for drives, data connections and power delivery our high availability infrastructure makes downtime virtually a thing of the past.
  5. Is your cloud server scheduled to do regular security updates to minimize the risk of being hacked or injected with malware? We perform regular security updates to ensure your server isn’t vulnerable.
  6. Proper Firewall Security – Our servers are secured by redundant enterprise firewall and IPS system.
  7. Storage Area Network – We use Enterprise Storage Area Network [SAN] with redundant high speed disks for 99.999% uptime.
  8. Intrusion Prevention – All of our cloud servers are protected against hackers by an enterprise grade intrusion prevention system.
  9. Anti SPAM Protection – Although it’s nearly impossible to completely filter out SPAM, our cloud servers are installed with extremely aggressive SPAM filters that will work automatically and behind the scenes so that you don’t have to waste your time dealing with unwanted SPAM.

These are just a few of the top features that we offer with our cloud server hosting plans that you will need and can’t do without.

Sozo Hosting is always willing to customize our services to suite your cloud hosting needs.  Our cloud server prices are set up with the most commonly used system resources and features needed for all sized companies – from small to medium to large.

If you need some help determining which cloud server plan is best for your application needs you can contact us directly at or 1-800-640-4892 and we will be happy to explain all the options and difference with each plan.