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WordPress Hosting For SEO – Tips For WordPress SEO Best Practices

WordPress Hosting For SEO

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and want to have your website ranked well in the search engines, then you will need as much help as you can get.  We have found WordPress Hosting For SEO is the best place to start.

The first thing you will need is the ability to manage your website regularly and if you don’t want to learn HTML and CSS then you will need a website content management system [CMS].  There are many CMS systems out there which can be optimized for the search engines, but we have found that WordPress is our favorite due to how search engine friendly it is and how easy it is to learn and to use.

WordPress is great for SEO as BLOGS can be a great source for new content which can be optimized for search terms that will be indexed by Google and the other search engines.  WordPress can be modified to load quickly and allows you to install Plugins which give additional features and functions to your website.  Two of the leading SEO plugins for WordPress are Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack because of their end-to-end optimization capabilities and also because of how they are designed to help those who may not know exactly how to manually optimize all of their web pages and/or blogs.  Both of these plugins come with some basic automated optimization features which give immediate assistance in optimizing an entire site.  Our favorite is Yoast because it helps guide you in optimizing each page or post with it’s content and keyword analysis features plus automated XML sitemap pages for Google, enabled breadcurmbs, add social and scheme markup and other optimization tools as well.

WordPress Hosting For SEO

The next thing you will need is a search engine friendly server for your website.  Not all hosting environments are SEO friendly and you could do all of the right things SEO wise but if your website is on hosting server that has a firewall that isn’t configured properly or if your on a shared server that uses the same IP address for other sites and one of those sites is conducting “black hat SEO” or perhaps has malware injected in the code, then your SEO efforts will be for nothing.

Sozo Hosting knows the importance of having a safe hosting environment but we also know the “ins and outs” of SEO and make sure that our cloud servers for WordPress Hosting are SEO friendly.  We always recommend you take the extra step and purchase a WordPress hosting plan with a unique dedicated IP address so that you never have to worry if another website is dragging you down in the search results.

Now that you have basics on where to start, you need to know how to utilize your WordPress website the best possible way.  Before writing quality content for the search engines to index, be sure to modify your “permalinks (URL Structure) so that the URL uses the name of the article rather than the date.  Google give better rankings to sites structured like this.

Once you begin to write content for your website pages, blogs and product pages, be sure to use  “focus keywords” in mind for each of the pages.  When it comes to WordPress SEO, it is important to remember that Google still uses computer algorithms, and that is why keywords still matter in 2018. You definitely should be writing for your visitors and customers first (as Google recommends), but write smart. You can easily write for your audience as well as keeping the best SEO optimizations in mind. And remember, other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo rely sometimes even more on what some may call outdated SEO practices.

Now optimize each page by uniquely modifying each title tag and description tag – be sure to follow the guidelines of the plugin if you don’t know how to do this yet.  Header tags [H1,H2,H3] should be the same or similar to what your focus keyword.  Image alt tags and page tags should also use the focus keywords.  And be sure to use the focus keyword in the first paragraph of your page.

There are many more steps to SEO beyond optimizing your WordPress website but these are the most essential steps that should be taken prior to beginning.

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