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Leading Bankruptcy Software Hosting For Attorneys & Law Firms

In today’s high tech world, law firms need to keep up with their competitors and should consider using top rated law firm software and specialized law firm hosting options in order to be as efficient and effective as they can possibly be.

Bankruptcy law firm software is used by U.S. attorneys and law firms for preparation and electronically filing of online forms for Chapters, 7, 11, 12 and 13 debtor filings.  This specific legal software is capable of printing forms and/or uploading them directly to the courts from your PC or laptop and is constantly updated to the latest U.S. bankruptcy reform.

Having the bankruptcy software is the first step but then you need to have someone who is technically competent to monitor the syncing of the software and the hosting environment to ensure proper functionality and most importantly the security of your important data and form filings.


Leading Bankruptcy Legal Software Hosting For Bankruptcy Attorneys & Law Firms

Trusting that your most important data is safe on your PC or laptop isn’t an option anymore as hardware failure or malware can compromise these important files, therefore it’s important to use a trusted hosting provider that can host your company’s desktops, Microsoft Office applications, email and Leading Bankruptcy Legal software.

Sozo Hosting in Atlanta offers law firm hosting and managed  services for law firms across the U.S. and has been doing so for many years with many satisfied law firm clients.  We have proven security, backup and restoration systems in place.  We have the experience needed for installing and supporting your Leading Bankruptcy Legal Software on our hosting platforms specifically designed for optimal performance.


Bankruptcy Software For Form Preparation and Electronic Filing

Sozo Hosting offers you hosting for Leading Bankruptcy Legal Software. The Leading Bankruptcy Legal Software Hosting we recommend is reliable, efficient and can work for legal practices that are new to bankruptcy to Solo Practitioner/small law firms to very large firms.

Our law office hosting solution is designed to help with efficiency, allowing you to more easily streamline your Bankruptcy legal practice.

Here are some of the features you may find useful for your Bankruptcy legal practice:

  • User friendly interface and design for simplified filing process.
  • Court compliant forms and schedules
  • Key relationships with Court and Trustees to maintain the accuracy of each filing.
  • Scalable and easily configured for your growing firm.
  • Quick and accurate online filing.
  • Unlimited amount of jurisdictions.
  • Included workflow tools for simplifying the entire bankruptcy preparation and filing process – saving you time and effort.
  • Maintain bankruptcy court forms.
  • Download credit report for filing.
  • Get efficiency and accuracy in preparing petitions for your clients.
  • Get support for all locations for proper forms needed for your particular location.
  • Eliminates the manual task of navigating through the Court’s website and uploading documents.
  • Allowing you to order, import and access credit report s more easily.


If you are interested in our Law Firm Hosted Solutions, please contact us for pricing and details.  You can also visit this page for more details:

Bankruptcy Software