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How to install an SSL Certificate on your windows server

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1.  Click on Comodo SSL Cert Link to view the prices of SSL certificates.  Normally you want a standard SSL Certificate unless you are installing 6 or more subdomains on 1 domain and need certificates to cover all 6+ subdomains.

2. The next step is to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). You do this by going into IIS, see the steps above to go into IIS .  For older version of IIS do steps 3, 4 and 5.  For newer versions of IIS do step 6

3. Click on the Default Web Folder, click on your new virtual directory folder you created in the above steps.

4. Right click your mouse and select properties menu option. On the pop up dialog box, select the Directory Security Tab. Then select the Server Security Button in the Secure Communications section. This will take you through a wizard. Make sure you enter the proper format of the SSL certificate such as and not as those are not the same. Make sure you enter the correct email id since you will be emailed to confirm purchase of your new SSL certificate. Make sure the address you enter for this SSL Certificate is the correct physical address of the business that you can prove with documentation. When finished with the wizard, a text file will be created in the location you selected such as the root folder wich is called the CSR

5. Email this new CSR file you just created in the prior step to Sozo Hosting at: along with the number of years you wanted the certificate to cover as in step 1 above.

6.  Clock on Certificates ICON,  Start a new certificate which creates a CSR.  (Save file on c:/temp with latest bit requirement from Comodo)

7. Sozo Hosting will order this through their reseller program with Comodo where they get discounted prices since they buy in bulk. SoZo Hosting will charge your credit card on file for the amount you see in the prices on step 1. There will not be a $50 install fee since you will be doing that install in the next step. You will get an email from Comodo to confirm the purchase of this SSL certficate so reply back with CONFIRM. The address you entered for your domain when you first step up your web site domain can be found in This domain address has to match the address you entered in step 4 above, so contract your domain registrar and update the address to your current physicall location so all addresses match.

8. Sozo Hosting can help automate this verification process if we have access to the server.  If not, then Comodo could require you to email a business license document or some other utility document to confirm the address in your domain registrar and the address you entered in step 4 above all match. The verification process could be 1-3 days. Once your CSR has been verified you are emailed the new SSL Certificate. Copy that certificate file to the root folder where the CSR was found in step 4 above. Repeat step 4 and this time the Install Wizard will ask you for the location of the new SSL certificate. Finish the steps and you are done!





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