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How to Configure IIS FTP user account on your windows server

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To create the FTP Site, please follow these steps:

1. Log into the server and open IIS.

2. Expand local computer and expand FTP Sites.

3. Right click on Default Ftp site under FTP Sites, click New Virtual Directory and go through wizard to add new user account.

4. Click Next to begin the wizard.

5. Enter a user name for the FTP site and click Next. This name can be anything you wish but make it secure.

6. Select the folder location to where this user account will have access ( user should have access to all subfolders under this folder)

7. Click Read and Write check boxes and click Finish for the wizard. (make sure the Default Ftp sites are running by right clicking on that folder in IIS and click on start menu option if not already started)

8. Now right click on the Manage Computer Icon on the Desk top and select the Manage menu option.

9. In the new dialog box that opens click on the user folder which is under the Local Users and Groups Folder

10. In the right hand pane of this new dialog box, right click and select New User

11. In the New User dialog box that opens up, enterr the same username as step 5 above

12. Enter password and confirm password and check the box that says “User cannot change password”

13. Click on Create User button and you are done so test uploading a file and deleting a fiile on this new ftp account

14. If permissions are denied during ftp uploading, open up windows explorer on the VPS, go to that folder for that ftp user and right click on permissions and add that new user to give access to that folder.

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