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Data Backup Services

Reliable Data Backup Solutions for your Business


Unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars each year. It is a fact that after a disaster, over 50% of smaller businesses never recover from data loss. It is imperative that a company has an on-site and off-site backup plan in place to recover your data quickly and ensure protection in case of a catastrophic event. Sozo can partner with you today to customize a backup plan for you that will protect your business from data loss and ensure your company has a data recovery plan in place.

Sozo’s backup solutions offer 3 forms of fully managed backups. These backup solutions include on-site backups, off-site data replication and system disaster recovery.

On-site Backup Services

  • Sozo Hosting has a cloud backup solution for servers and virtual infrastructure.
  • The Servers and VMs are backed up on-site to any storage space the client provides. This could be a USB drive, file server or dedicated storage.

Data Replication Services

  • The on-site backups of the client’s data can then be scheduled to be replicated to one our secure data centers.
  • Full system backups and file level backups can then be restored from the replication backup or the on-site data backup.
  • Having off-site data replication protects a company from data loss that may occur from a disaster event or even Ransomware.

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Our cloud backup solutions also provide the ability to restore your backups to any virtual infrastructure or cloud provider (AWS, Microsoft or Sozo).
  • With our cloud solution, you can also choose to run your backup as a virtual machine right from our secure data centers where you are storing your replicated data. You would just right click on your server backup and choose – “run as a virtual machine.”

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Sozo Hosting offers a range of data protection services to meet the needs of your business. For more information, fill out the form or give us a call at 1-855-805-4678.

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