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Cloud Servers for Quickbooks

Cloud Servers for Quickbooks


If you are looking for cloud servers for Quickbooks and a trusted Hosting provider then it’s important that you choose an experienced commercial host provider for Intuit software – Sozo Hosting has many Quickbooks hosted clients and has the knowledge and resources to efficiently setup and monitor hosted Quickbooks software for accountants, CPAs, and businesses worldwide.


Sozo Hosting offers attractive and affordable monthly leases on cloud servers for QuickBooks software and remote desktops.


What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?


QuickBooks Cloud Hosting works like this…  Intuit has a QuickBooks hosting program which allows end-users to have their own licensed copies of QuickBooks desktop software installed on servers in a remote hosting facility by an experienced Intuit hosting provider such as Sozo Hosting.


Sozo Hosting knows how important it is to have a fully functional remote desktop loaded with Intuit QuickBooks software hosted online as well as Microsoft Office running on the same cloud server.  Now-a-days businesses need a qualified hosting company to provide and support QuickBooks and desktop hosting, but Sozo Hosting has taken it one step further by combining QuickBooks Cloud Hosting with Microsoft Office Hosting all on the same virtual desktop cloud server.


We’ll install it for you and provide fully managed cloud hosting support for QuickBooks and Microsoft Office remote desktops.



QuickBooks Cloud Servers VS QuickBooks Online


You may be wondering why choose a Cloud server for QuickBooks instead of using Intuit’s QuickBooks Online service.  That’s a great question, but the quick answer is hosting QuickBooks in the cloud will give you a lot more advantages than QuickBooks Online, so let’s compare the two.


  • User Experience – If you’ve been using QuickBooks for a while now, then you’ve grown accustomed to the software features and options for managing and paying your bills, creating purchase orders, generating invoices and even tracking your inventory. Cloud hosted QuickBooks server desktop won’t change that and you won’t have to learn a new system, won’t have to constantly import or export files from your PC to QuickBooks Online.
  • Support – Sozo Hosting offers fully managed QuickBooks Remote Desktop support by U.S. citizens who speak English vs QuickBooks online support which first wants to send you to their Community Support articles to help you try to trouble shoot your problem on your own. The Sozo Hosting support staff is there for you. You will get a live support staff member located in the United States.


  • No Limit Access – As long as you have an Internet connection, you can assess your QuickBooks on your cloud server anytime and anywhere. It also means that you can grant access to up to 30 people to work on the same document all at once if you want.  QuickBooks Online doesn’t give you that option.  Their basic plan gives access to only one person at a time and if you want to give access to more than one person, you’ll have to upgrade to a more advanced plan.  Our QuickBooks hosted cloud servers can also give you controlled access to who can view sensitive documents or files but QuickBooks Online basic plan doesn’t offer this, so you’d have to upgrade for this as well.



What Are The Benefits Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?


Cloud hosting QuickBooks software can then be access by you or your staff anytime and anywhere!  Plus you can rely on Sozo Hosting to keep your QuickBooks software and data backed up regularly to ensure you don’t ever lose any of your valuable customer data.


Imagine having your own tech support from a company like Sozo Hosting that is available for any technical issues monitoring and managing your cloud hosted QuickBooks remote desktop – not only will that give you piece of mind, but your productivity will increase significantly.



Key Features of QuickBooks Cloud Server Hosting


Cloud Servers for Quickbooks

Cloud Servers for Quickbooks

  • Green accounting
  • Virtual Desktop Included
  • Reliable and secure
  • Multi-user access
  • Access on-the-go
  • Automated backup
  • Off-site storage helps prevent data loss
  • Consolidated storage
  • Regular upgrades
  • No onsite server or operational costs
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • No worrying about system upgrades
  • Cloud migration assistance





A Trusted QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider


Sozo Hosting has been providing QuickBooks web hosting solutions for years with many satisfied clients. Keep your data safe in our secure data center with QuickBooks hosting, Microsoft Office and Exchange email hosting.


Call today for more information on our QuickBooks Cloud Server with Remote Desktop Services: 1-800-640-4892.