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What Cloud Platform do you Trust to Host Your Critical Business Applications?

Many CEOs and Business owners are looking for a hosting partner that will provide a secure, reliable cloud infrastructure for their critical business applications.  If you have been frustrated with hosting your systems locally on premise or you are hosting with another provider that is not providing you the support and reliability you require, this is where Sozo Hosting can help.  Sozo Hosting provides managed cloud services where we can rapidly build out tenant secure cloud infrastructures that will scale with your business requirements.

How we built our platform

The Sozo Cloud hosting platform is built on a fully redundant enterprise hypervisor that delivers a 99.99% uptime guarantee.  Our platform ensures this reliability as it has been built with redundant networks, power, enterprise Dell Poweredge servers and EMC enterprise storage. We built our platform with enterprise grade systems and best practices from day one to ensure our clients are confident to receive the optimal performance and reliability required for their critical business applications. 

Securing our platform

Sozo hosting takes many steps to ensure each client’s cloud platform is built with the best security practices in mind. To better secure our clients’ critical business applications, we isolate each client on separate network segments.  This provides a barrier to ensure each client’s traffic is isolated to their systems only, and only other systems they require to communicate with.  Sozo provides enterprise firewalls and an IPS (intrusion prevention system) to function as a logical perimeter security gateway to protect the cloud platform. 

Proactive Monitoring

To monitor the performance and health of our systems Sozo proactively monitors the network, cloud server resources and data backups for our clients.  If any of our systems or networks shows abnormal behavior or fall outside set tolerances our team is immediately alerted to take action on the alert.  Our alerting systems help us determine predictive failures on our systems and networks before they happen so we can ensure the reliability and uptime our clients expect.

Hybrid Cloud

Some of our clients require connectivity from their systems in our datacenter with their systems on premise.  Sozo offers point to point connectivity using MPLS connections or encrypted IPSEC VPN tunnels from our datacenter to their offices.  This creates a hybrid cloud where the clients systems and our datacenters are able to connect with on premise systems as if they were on the same local area network.  This is convenient for many of our clients as they require some of their systems to remain on premise.  This also allows clients to use our cloud platform as a failover option for their infrastructure in an alternate datacenter.

 We manage it all for you

The best part about choosing the Sozo hosting platform as your cloud platform of choice is that we fully manage your servers and ensure your critical business applications are always running optimally.  This allows our clients to rest knowing that we are taking care of their systems while they can focus on growing their business.  Our support staff members each have over ten years experience in technology and managing systems and are ready and happy to provide you the support you need.  Sozo’s support staff does not aim to just meet client expectations, they aim to exceed client expectations.