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Christian Web Hosting

Christian Web Hosting Provider

We are Sozo Hosting – a U.S. based hosting company founded in 2002.  We offer state-of-the-art hosting environments, superior server management and tech support, but more importantly, we are known for our Christian values and principles.

We are a Christian-owned web hosting provider.  We provide Christian web hosting to churches and ministries, and they can have the assurance that their websites are hosted by a company that shares their values, Christian principles and faith beliefs.


We understand the importance of living our lives in a way that gives glory to God, and it doesn’t stop there. This effort continues in our company and work as we provide service that is indicative of our personal Christian values of honesty, integrity, and reliability.


Our name was derived from the Greek word “Sozo” which means “to Save, Heal, Restore, Make Well.

You see, Jesus came to Save us from death and he Healed the sick, and by this He Restored our hope and Made Us Well in the eyes of God.  We’ve branded our company name with these Christian values in mind, as the meaning of the word also correlates with restoring and saving our clients’ data and optimally managing their systems.

We have various web hosting options from WordPress hosting for Christian websites to Christian Cloud Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Christian Hosting platforms. With Dedicated Server and Cloud server Hosting solutions you are on your own server so that you can know your website or web application is self contained on its own dedicated hosting space. This is a more secure solution and ensures that you have the required processing resources required to run your web application or website.

Our Christian web hosting packages are priced fairly and offered at affordable price plans based on your needs for small, medium or large churches or ministries nationwide.

We also offer affordable WordPress website design and development for Christian companies.  All of our WordPress hosting plans are configured with the necessary security plugins in addition to the built in security and firewalls on our servers.

All of our tech support staff and developers are practicing Christians.  We are ministry minded and only have the success of your church or ministry at the top of our priority when it comes to your Christian based web hosting.  We don’t have any hidden fees with our services.

Your Website Security is Paramount to us.

We understand how important your church or ministry website presence and data is and how Internet security is critical for your business, as hacking, malware, ransomware and denial of service attacks are common everyday occurrences.

Sozo Hosting provides a portfolio of security offerings to help your organization mitigate these internet security threats. Sozo’s portfolio of security offerings include virtual private networks (VPN), cleaning infected websites, a web application firewall (WAF) and intrusion prevention system (IPS), a content distribution network (CDN) to manage traffic and optimize performance, real-time DDoS mitigation, and continuous monitoring.

Contact us today to find out more about our Christian web hosting and be sure to ask us about how you can enroll in our Security Offering services too.  We look forward to serving you. We can be contacted at 1-800-640-4892 or email us at

5 Star Rating
We place a very high value on business partners whose strengths include competence, appreciation of our needs and the ability to prioritize and respond accordingly. Sozo ranks in our top relationships in this perspective. I would gladly recommend them to anyone for hosting services.

IDI Gazeley