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Managed Hosting and Managed Services – A Cut Above The Rest!

Managed Hosting and Managed Services means providing the extra steps in customer hosting, assisting in web app and db configurations and resource monitoring services, which is assistance many Hosting Providers do not offer nor have the expertise for. Here are some of the areas we have helped our clients in the past 15 plus years:

Resource Management Assistance to Alert you on Server Limits you could be Reaching as well as Advice To Handle Growth
We monitor your server to alert you on low disk space issues, high CPU utilization or even high network bandwidth issues that you might or might not be aware of. When CPU utilization continues to be high based on your server’s growth, we recommend upgrade options to you for more CPUs and/or more RAM (memory). If you are on our cloud platform, more CPUs and RAM can be added in minutes with a reboot of your server.  We also help customers forecast growth for their hosted applications. We have saved clients many headaches by determining their needs to scale for growth and have optimal application performance.

MS SQL Database Configuration Assistance
Many client do not know the details of MS SQL Database configurations such as setting min and max memory amounts for the database instance as well as knowing that multiple instances of MS SQL Server can be on the same server for migration planning. We offer nightly server backups. Certain large operation clients request that we do an additional mid-day MS SQL database backup to a local drive at a certain time that takes minimal server resources. For these type of clients we also set up auto deletion plans on local MS SQL databases to delete databases that are x weeks old… such as 1, 4 or 8 weeks old. This is entirely configurable based on the client’s needs and continues to free up disk space.  We have been asked to restore an MS SQL database after a client has mistakenly run a wrong SQL query against their production live database instead of their test database. We also offer custom contracts to help clients analyze their SQL queries to look for bottlenecks and to recommend certain database indexes to be added to improve SQL performance on queries.

ASP.NET Web Connection and Configuration Assistance
ASP.NET is free with our windows servers and we offer the latest versions to allow our clients to run leading edge ASP.NET applications. Some clients do not understand web.config files and how to turn on and off debugging in ASP.NET to find errors in their application. For those that want to dig deeper into more errors, we show clients where the log files are as well as what to look for in the event viewer. We recently helped a client that could not figure out why their site went down when they uploaded a new version of their code. After helping them debug their code, we were able to show them which line of code was failing on. They also had hardcoded some IP values in their ASP.NET web service calls. Obviously we are not going to debug everyone’s code for free however this is the type of assistance that shows the benefits we provide our clients, providing Managed Hosting and Managed Services that are a cut above the rest of our competitors.

Server Configuration and TLS Assistance
We provide server configuration advice to clients that may want to grow to a second server to split up their web applications and MS SQL databases on different servers to handle increased traffic. Other clients may have TLS 1.2 needs with their credit card online purchasing web code. We help clients with server configurations to meet their growing needs as well as meet different industry standards such as TLS 1.2 which is critical for credit card transactions.

How We Can Help
Sozo Hosting has been a leader among hosting companies since 2001 and can assist you in your managed server needs. Whether you need a cloud server (see cloud server specials) or a dedicated server (see dedicated server specials), we are here to provide you Fully Managed Hosting and Managed Services to fit your budget! Please click on this contact us link for more information on our hosting services and hosting discounts.