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Network Infrastructure

Our Datacenter

The Sozo Hosting Data Center located in Atlanta. Our Data Center Network has been designed to provide the client with fast response to their e-business needs, a secure architecture to resist intrusion, and the ability to scale for future growth demands. Our network bandwidth is provided by XO Communications.  XO provides its own private, nationwide, multi-terabit network which delivers industry-leading IP connectivity at the fastest speeds available today.    XO has extensive network peering relationships which gives them direct paths to all other major Network Service Providers so that your Internet traffic travels shorter distances at peak speed.


We strive to provide our clients with 100% uptime. Our datacenter’s redundant UPS systems, generators and bandwidth switching core make it possible for us to achieve our goal of 100% uptime. The XO datacenter is an N+1 facility,this means the datacenter is equiped with 2 generators and multiple UPS systems. If the building was to loose power the generator and UPS would turn on in milliseconds to keep the datacenter up and running without any interruption in service. The network switching core enables us to have redundancy in the bandwidth we provide to our clients. If we had any network interruption, the network switching core would automatically switch us to a new link which would have our networks up and running almost immediately.


SoZo Hosting servers are in a secure location where only authorized personnel are permitted entry.  We use Enterprise firewalls which inspect data at the packet level to ensure network integrity.  All of our core systems are hardened to only run services that are necessary for operation all other services are disabled.  Our core systems are also protected with antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.


Our core systems and dedicated servers are all setup on reliable hardware with a secure configuration.  We use hardware from vendors that have a proven track record in reliability and support maintenance.  All of our servers are built with a RAID 1 disk configuration. This will allow us to keep our systems running in case of a disk failure. We have spare systems ready on standby in case one of our dedicated servers or core systems was to have a hardware failure. We provide hosting on these dedicated server types: windows dedicated server plans, linux dedicated server plans , coldfusion dedicated server plansvirtual server windows and linux virtual server. We also provide shared hosting: windows web hosting plans, linux web hosting plans , coldfusion hosting plans!