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Christian Web Hosting

Christian Web Hosting Provider

We offer various Christian web hosting solutions and we can provide website hosting services specific for Christian Churches and ministries.

We have been serving Christian ministries for over a decade!

Call us at 1.800.640.4892 to discuss our hosting services.

Christian Web Hosting Provider Atlanta

Sozo Hosting was founded in 2002, and is known for it’s Christian web hosting services in Atlanta and across the US. The founders are Christian and run the hosting company with Christian principles. We strive to provide service with the utmost integrity, while also providing excellence in all our product delivery and performance. One of our staff has designed WordPress websites for dozens of Christian ministries over the last several years with auto resizing to scale your Christian website to any sized tablets and smartphones automatically. Our Christian Web Hosting WordPress platform has many security features to keep all hackers away from your Christian site.

The name Sozo Hosting was derived from the Greek word ‘Sozo’, which means to Save, Heal, Restore, Make Well.  We really liked the word and thought it served well with systems, servers, data and technology.  Sozo Hosting provides christian web hosting services to many ministries, churches, small, medium and some large businesses nationwide.

Please look at our services below and contact us with any questions you might have.  We look forward to serving you. We can be contacted at 1-800-640-4892 or email us at

Managed WordPress Hosting

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Cloud Server Hosting

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Dedicated Server Hosting

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5 Star Rating
We place a very high value on business partners whose strengths include competence, appreciation of our needs and the ability to prioritize and respond accordingly. Sozo ranks in our top relationships in this perspective. I would gladly recommend them to anyone for hosting services.

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