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The Cloud

Sozo Hosting offers several Cloud services. These cloud services include linux cloud server hosting systems, windows cloud server hosting systems,cloud applicationscloud desktop and custom private cloud environments. The windows and linux cloud servers are referred to as a windows cloud server and linux cloud server and also as a windows virtual server and linux virtual server.

Cloud Servers -  Sozo provides fixed cost cloud servers. No surprises on your bill, No high costs associated with bandwidth memory or CPU usage. Some of the features provided with a cloud server are that you can very rapidly add additional memory, processing power, disk space and additional systems as needed to your cloud environment. The Virtual environment is configured with multiple redundant hosts, redundant networks and a redundant storage area network.

Cloud Desktops- tired of managing your desktops, tired of updating your software, buying licensing and updating configurations.  Sozo can provide you with a custom cloud desktop. We install your accounting software, a CRM and MSOffice for a very affordable monthly fee and you're up and running.  Access your desktop from ANY DEVICE, from ANYWHERE. Let us set up a custom cloud desktop for you today.

 Cloud Applications or Saas (Software as a service) - Customized cloud application hosting where you can run thousands of applictions from ANY DEVICE, from ANYWHERE. All data is saved in the cloud. Also by running applications in the cloud you can save in licensing and administrative costs. Run applications from your Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, laptop, Mac or desktop computer.  All data is saved and backed up in the cloud. Ask for a demo today.

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 Cloud Applications

 Private Cloud Storage

 Windows Cloud Server Hosting
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 Linux Cloud Server Hosting
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Benefits of the Cloud:

Scalability: IT departments that anticipate an increase in user load do not need to scramble to secure additional hardware and software with cloud computing. Instead, an organization can add and subtract capacity as its network load dictates.

Efficiency: Streamline the execution of IT management processes such as provisioning, system capacity management, system availability management, continuity management and service level management.

Implementation: Without the need to purchase hardware, software licenses or implementation services, a company can get its cloud-computing infrastructure up and running in record time — and for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

Business Needs: The ability to Rapidly provision additional capacity to meet changing business needs.

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Many businesses are now looking to run outsourced Cloud Hosting Solutions instead of running and maintaining their systems in house.  Contact one of our experts today to help get you started with a custom cloud hosting solution, 1-800-640-4892.

If you have a need for a dedicated server solution please look at our Windows dedicated server, Linux dedicated server and coldfusion dedicated server pages.