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    Web Business Solutions: Critical Business Applications To Meet Your Needs

Corporations today need a vendor that will host their web business software all configured together for their employees to work from any internet device.  Sozo Hosting has been providing web software and hosting solutions for years with many satisfied clients.  Our firm is a leading provider of the following Business Solutions:


 ECM M-Files Leading Document Management System Business Solutions  QuickBooks Remote Desk Top Business Solutions Law Firm Hosting Solutions Remote Desk Top Business Solutions Managed WordPress Business Solutions

ECM M-Files Documentation Management Hosting 

We offer an Enterprise Documentation Management Solution For your  Business!

QuickBooks & Office Hosting With Remote Desktops 

QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and MS Exchange Hosting.  Keep your data safe in our Secured Data Center!

Law Firm & Office Hosting With Remote Desktops  

     Law Firm Software, Microsoft Office and MS exchange email.  Keep your data safe in our Secured Data Center!

Managed WordPress Hosting Business Solutions 

Get a new WordPress Site up in 5 minutes!  Control all  plugins and Site WordPress versions from 1 location!


If you are looking for customized solutions, Sozo Hosting offers managed hosting and the software you need to meet the needs of your business  with uptime guarantees and a 24/7 knowledgeable support staff.  Click on the Business Solutions icons above for more information or give us a call with any questions you have. Call 1-800-640-4892 or email us at