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How To Fix Outlook Calendar Sharing Issue when you add another calendar and it shows up as as duplicate of yours even though it has the other Employee's name at the top of the calendar beside yours

1) (This is a problem that has showed up in Outlook 2010)  Open up your Outlook, and go to calendaring and turn off the check box to stop viewing the other employee's calendar

2) Click on Outlook's FILE menu at top left of screen, then select account settings, select the top account settings menu choice to see your profile

3) On new dialog screen above your name (on the first email tab) click the Change hyperlink.  This will open up a dialog box.

4) Click on the “More Settings” button

5) Click on the Advanced tab

6) if the employee that you are trying to share calendars with is already there in the list at the top, then click on that person and click on the Remove Button. Click on the ADD button and add (or re-add) the employee's email id that has the calendar you want to view and share 

7) Save OK out of that screen, click next button to finish out of the changes dialog box.

8) Exit out of Outlook

9) Come back in to Outlook, click on calendaring and check the check box again for that employees calendar that you want to view.  Now it should work!

10) By the way, you never would have got this problem if the employee whose calendar you want to share did not give you permission to view their calendar.  So verify this is still set up if you have any more trouble.