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How To Solve Connection Issues With Authorize.Net Updating Root CAs. Plus Using Keytool For ColdFusion Sites

On May 27/15 updated their root CAs. So web sites all over the place that did not have the web server updated with the new root CAs stopped connecting to Click on this Connection Issues With Authorize.Net Updating Root link to fix the problem with windows servers as well as if you have Coldfusion since there are extra steps for ColdFusion sites.


General Connection Problems With

It is best to have a sandbox account to do test transactions with Click on this link: to set up a sandbox account and look at sample code.  A common error us not using the correct URL, username and password for the sandbox account and the live account that gives you.

Another best practice is to set up a test html file (for .cfm file for ColdFusion) that tests the connection to  Some clients have a text field for the State.  This can cause errors with users typing in wrong state names.  Best to have a drop down for the State selection and then pass in to the 2 characters for the State for the billing on the credit card.