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How do I create a Coldfusion DSN for my shared hosting account?

You will need to request this from support by sending an email to, in your email please include the following: the name of the DSN, the database name, the database user and password.  Support will then create the DSN for you as specified.  The turn around time is pretty quick.

If I have a Custom tag I would like to install on my shared plan how do I do this?

It may already be installed on the server, you should ask support.  If it is not please send them a description of what the custom tag is used for and how to install it.  If it is not a security issue or resource intensive support will install it for you.

How do I send mail within a coldfusion form?

All you have to do is use the coldfusion mail tag by itself, the coldfusion application server is set up to do the rest.