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Managed ColdFusion Dedicated Servers


windows dedicated server

If you already have a coldfusion dedicated server with us we can help manage it for you.  Even if you don't have a coldfusion dedicated server yet, we can manage everything for you. The first step is to get your coldfusion dedicated server configured and up and running with the software you need.  Click on this link coldfusion dedicated server for pricing information and then give us a call (800-640-4892) on how many hours you need us each month to perform the total management of your dedicated server administration.

Sozo's  Coldfusion Dedicated Servers are top notch.   We will provide you server administration on a hourly basis as you need it. Each month you pay for a specific number of hours of support provided by a one of our systems engineers. Free up your time to focus on what really interests you, and let us take care of the technical details. 


Managed ColdFusion Dedicated Servers Include:

  • Service Administration
  • Data Backup Service
  • Patching and security updates
  • Spam prevention for mail servers
  • SSL order and installation