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ColdFusion Dedicated Server Details 

Sozo Hosting specializes in Coldfusion Dedicated Server . Our tier 1 facility is located in Atlanta Georgia. Sozo has been providing Coldfusion hosting since they opened in 2001. We consider our staff to be very knowledgable in Coldfusion hosting and can provide support to assist you with your Coldfusion Dedicated Server questions. When you order a Coldfusion dedicated server with us, we recommend your server configuration, install coldfusion and your web server of choice. We can install Coldfusion server on either your choice of windows or linux operating systems.

When you lease a ColdFusion Dedicated Server with Sozo Hosting the following services are included:

  • Network Bandwidth – 2 mbit of bandwidth per server will be provided with the ability to spike to 100 mbit. Network redundancy is provided by XO Communications and other peering partners.
  • Uptime SLA - The client is guaranteed an uptime of 100% excluding planned downtime. If they are not up at least 100% of the time and the downtime is caused by our system or network we will refund the client for the hours they are down based on their monthly fee. There will be planned outages scheduled periodically during non-peak hours, this is not considered downtime.
  • Power redundancy – our facility is equipped with redundant power generation in case of power spikes or power outages.
  • Climate Control – The server will be kept in a datacenter which provides optimum temperature and humidity control which maintains the network infrastructures best performance.
  • Facility Security – Your ColdFusion Dedicated Server will be in a secure data center and only authorized persons are permitted. ColdFusion Dedicated Servers are in a secure cage within the data center that is locked and opened to authorize persons only.
  • Firewall Security – Your ColdFusion Dedicated Server will be in a secure network infrastructure that uses Enterprise firewalls. This allows us to eliminate the threat of DOS attacks or data compromise. We open only network ports that are a business requirement to our clients.
  • Email and DNS - With a ColdFusion Dedicated Server you will also be provided with your own email and dns control panel. You can add domains, sub domains and email accounts here as needed.
  • IP Address – 2 IP addresses will be provided per server. Any extra IP addresses will be required to be purchased
  • 24 / 7 Support – this includes support for the server operating system, network changes and any hardware maintenance required on the server.
  • Web Server configuration - Sozo will provide the client with basic support related to initially configuring websites to get them up and running.
  • Intrusion Prevention Security Appliance
  • Access to central Microsoft SQL Server  Database
  • Free Internet Advertising to increase traffic to your site
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All Coldfusion Dedicated Server hosting plans allow you to upgrade the memory by 2 GB for only $30/month.

Nightly backups of your server up to 250 GB costs $35/month.  Backups over 250 GB cost an additional $15/month/100 GB increment!

Click on this Coldfusion Dedicated Server link for pricing, dedicated server configuration options and sign up information.