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Managed Windows Dedicated Server

With a Managed Windows Dedicated server we take care of the hardware, network, security, monitoring, backups and support.  Your server will be set up in our secure Tier-2 data center under the care of our knowledgeable staff of engineers. When you sign up for a Managed Windows Dedicated server with Sozo Hosting, you will be assigned a dedicated support representative that will immediately work with you to find the right server configuration to most efficiently run your business applications.

Give us a call at 1-800-640-4892 or email us with any questions regarding our Managed Windows Dedicated Server hosting.

Plan CPU Memory Disk Space Bandwidth Microsoft SQLServer Monthly Price Signup
Standard Intel Dual Core 2.2ghz 4 GB 160 GB 1000 GB 300 MB $150 Standard Windows Dedicated Server
Advanced Intel Quad Core 2.4ghz 8 GB 500 GB RAID 1 1500 GB 500 MB $225 Advanced Windows Dedicated Server
Professional Intel Xeon QuadCore 2.4ghz 16 GB 500 GB RAID1 2000 GB 800 MB $259(*great value) Professional Windows Dedicated Server 
Enterprise Intel E5620 8 Core 2.4ghz 24 GB 1000 GB RAID1 2000 GB 800 MB $299 (*great value) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server 

Enterprise 32

Intel E5620 8 Core 2.4ghz 32 GB 1400 GB RAID5 2500 GB 1000 MB $349 (*20% discount) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server
Enterprise 64 Intel E5620‚Äč 8 Core 2.4ghz 64 GB 2000 GB RAID5 2500 GB 2000 MB $469 (*20% discount) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server

Contact us for custom configurations and additional resources. 1844-HOST-NOW,

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Learn About Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Data Center Infrastructure

Managed Windows Dedicated Server Include:

  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Service Administration
  • Alerting on CPU, memory or disk space actions to take
  • Data Backup Service
  • Patching and security updates
  • Spam prevention for mail servers
  • 24/7 Knowledgeable Support
  • 100% Uptime SLA


Managed Windows Dedicated Servers Include:

  • 2 Free Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 Server
  • Access to central Microsoft SQL Server
  • Control Panel for email and DNS Servers
  • Intrusion Prevention Security Appliance
  • Secured by Enterprise Firewalls