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Managed Linux Cloud Server Details

For Your Managed Linux Cloud server we look after the hardware, network, security, monitoring, backups and support.  Your Linux cloud server will be set up in our secure Tier-2 data center under the care of our knowledgeable staff of engineers.

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Managed Linux Cloud Server:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with a 15KSAS drive and a SATA2 drive?

A 15KSAS drive is twice a fast as a SATA2 drives. 15KSAS drives are good to use with database servers or demanding applications.

Do you offer control panel licensing?

Yes we offer Cpanel with WHM for virtual servers for $14 per month.

Is there a setup fee?

There is a $50 setup fee for the Managed Linux Cloud Server Solutions.

What operating system and applications are installed with your Linux Cloud Servers?

We will build your system with centos, apache, mysql and webmin. You are free to install other applications and customize your Linux Cloud Server as you see fit.

What kind of Server Hardware do you run the Linux Cloud Server systems on?

We use Dell Power Edge servers with Xeon virtual technology processors.

What does it cost for additional bandwidth?

$75/month for an additional MBit/Second although most clients will not need this unless they have very high bandwidth requirements.

Do you backup the Linux Cloud Servers?

Linux Cloud Servers are backed upon request from the client for free up to 220 GB of disk space.  Linux Cloud Server backup costs are $15/month/100 GB increment above 220 GB.

Do your plans offer a custom DNS and email control panel?

Yes we offer both. 

How many IP Addresses do you offer with your the Linux Cloud Server?

Each Linux Cloud system comes with 2 dedicated IP addresses.

Is a Linux Cloud Server System the same as a Linux Virtual Server system?

Yes!  Linux Cloud Server system is just another name for a Linux Virtual Server.