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Is A Windows Dedicated Server Reliable And Secure?

The reliability and security of a windows dedicated server is mostly dependant on your hosting provider. Its Operating Systems: Windows Server needs to be setup correctly to ensure only the necessary services are running.  The proper management and infrastructure of your windows dedicated server by your hosting company is most critical.

The Security and Reliability of your server is contingent on the management of your windows dedicated server and involves questions like:

    1) Does your hosting provider perform regular backups of your data and system so that you can do file recoveries and a full system restore, to protect you from file and data loss?

    2) Has your hosting provider configured security devices to filter different types of potentially hazardous traffic and malware?

    3) Has your hosting provider configured your windows dedicated server on a VLAN that is carefully watched and separated from other windows dedicated servers?

    4) Is your windows dedicated server in a Data Center with cage-lock protection, video cameras, badge readers and on premise security?

    5) Is your windows dedicated server properly cooled or is it in someone’s garage subject to poor cooling or minimal air circulation?

If the answers to all of the above questions is, ‘Yes’ then the answer to the title of this article is also favoring to say ‘Yes’ – Your Windows Dedicated Server is Secure and Reliable.   

When a client has been using the same hardware for many years (for their windows dedicated server ), a good hosting provider (one that says ‘Yes’ to the above 5 questions), recommends migrating the client to new hardware. This migration could cause some downtime which is not a security or reliability issue but downtime is something you want to minimize. Minimizing server downtime is also called increasing server uptime.

In some cases a hosting provider can increase your server uptime by providing a virtual server backup of your windows dedicated server in the rare case of any type of hardware failure. This also helps in server migrations, which is the reason there is such a buzz on the cloud and windows cloud servers .

Choose the right hosting provider for your Windows Dedicated Server with all the proper security checks and balances in place and you will sleep a little easier at night.