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How To Move WebSites To A Different Windows Web Server in HSphere?


Schedule 24 hours with the client for this even though propagation downtime with be minimal for the websites moved.  You may need time after the move to do SSL Certificate transfers and other clean up steps  We are assuming for this move that you have mail services on a different server for the client.  Client needs to give you any DSN information for ColdFusion sites.  Login into Hsphere, your admin control panel, and follow these steps after you copy to your clip board their account id and username and current destination of the account you want to move (as well as understanding your name of the destination server of where this account with all its attached websites will be moved to):

1) Check what sites (if any) have a dedicated IP (copy and paste current IP for your records)

2) Check if there is any SSL certs installed for the web sites that are being moved in this account

3) Check what server they currently are on and turn off aspsecured and front page functions (tell client those are not supported any more so remove old front page code from their code).  Move will crash if you do not turn off the settings for aspsecured and front page in their website account in hsphere. 

4) Get DSN info from client if it is coldfusion site and add to the new DSN destination server testing it to make sure the connection works  (For this post we are assuming the database is on a different server and DB is not being moved in this particular move in Hsphere and we are assuming you already have Hsphere client and everything installed on the destination server)

 5) Check hsphere E Manager server screen and see if the destination server has available FREE dedicated IPs if your are moving websites that have a dedicated IP

 6) Search and verify username and account id before move, then in E.Manager click on the START ACCOUNT MOVE menu item, fill in the source server, the destination server, the username and the account name and click on the search button.  As it finds the correct account, click on the green icon on that row in the table to start the move and click on the menu item below it (STARTED MOVE PROCESSES) to see status of this move.

7) It may fail in the first 20 minutes if there is a problem such as duplicate website name, file folder names, usernames or login/ login group names on the destination server. Fix issues, and on the destination  server do 6 these things before doing a restart on the move, a) delete web site in IIS, b) delete in explorer, c)delete user login ,d) deleted user group login then e)restart Hsphere service in the Services screen f) if needed restart linux cp service. Then kill the move with the X in the STARTED MOVE PROCESSES menu item for the correct row in the table and go back to step 6 and restart it.

8) Files should be moved across to the destination server in less than hour. Login on to their user account and look for the new dedicated IP assigned then bring up the http://newIP in a browser to see if site is up on the destination server.  (the domain name will take awhile to propagate so test it this way for now and later test it with the correct URL) 

9)  If a site on the new IP (http://newIP ) does not work correctly, you might have to tweak the web.config file and or change the app pool in IIS.  While in IIS look at the new internal IP associated with it.  If you use an internal to external mapping configuration system in a file or your firewall and if it now to both of these as if new IP is not in the firewall, site wont come up.

10)  Wait until the site propagates and if they have an SSL certificate then do export from source server an import the ssl cert into the destination server. Turn on any features that you had turned off in step 3

11) Have client test if they need the files changed from read only to editable as you can do that change in the windows explorer if needed.

12) Send client ftp info such as FTP.domainname, username from hsphere for them to test FTP is now pointing to new destintation server

13) Check status of hsphere move screen to say finished as it takes about a day to clean up resources from destination server

14)If you are moving a site to a new level of ColdFusion and you get an error after the site move like some 000:000:000 timestamp error, then put these extra string in the advanced connection string boxof the DSN shown in this link:



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