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What is the Difference between CentOS Linux and Redhat on a Linux Dedicated Server?


CentOS (“Community Enterprise Operating System”) is a Linux distribution that provides a free enterprise class of computing platform which has 100% binary compatibility with its upstream source, Redhat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is basically Redhat linux minus the branding and the latest releases.

CentOS is developed by a growing team of developers. These developers are supported by an active user community including system administrators, network administrators, enterprise users, managers, core Linux contributors worldwide.  

Since CentOS is free it is commonly used by linux enthusiasts, small businesses and web hosts. The only downsides to CentOS is that it does not come with Support like Redhat. There are some companies that do provide support for linux CentOS but they are third party support companies. Also when a major release of Redhat comes out it may take a few months for CentOS to catch up and offer this release.

Again, CentOS is free and basically is Redhat, that is why 30% of the linux dedicated server community is running CentOS. Everyone likes FREE!

You can order a linux dedicated server from a hosting company with CentOS installed. Just place the order and the system will be built with CentOS, on the network and ready for you to configure it to your requirements. No licensing costs associated with the server and with the same benefits of Redhat. Also many hosting companies are now offering linux virtual servers with CentOS installed. One of the major competing hypervisors is also built on CentOS, xenserver.

So remember, the main difference between CentOS and Redhat is that CentOS does not come with support and that the distributions are a few months behind Redhat. Happy computing!